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Choosing Hope & Love When Illness Strikes- A Caregiver & Wife’s Testimony ft. Julie Schmid

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Julie Schmid is an extremely talented dancer, actress and artist by day but joins today to share her journey, struggle, and determination to live life to its fullest with her husband Jason.

Originally diagnosed with vertigo, which was later diagnosed as a brain tumor, Jason beat cancer once with Julie and family by his side. After 5 years, in a new marriage, a devastating diagnosis of Glioblastoma (GBM), a fast-growing and aggressive brain tumor, came through.

Julie shares her and her late husband’s battle and how they continued to fight with determination until his passing. Followed by a tragic loss of her mother, Julie shares her journey through grief and acceptance and living life to the fullest each and every day.

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3 Gold Stars

  1. Movement is so helpful (walk, take a workout class, etc.).
  2. Connect with other people (family members or support groups).
  3. Find gratitude (even in the little things).

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“I’m not sure of anything

-Jason Decent


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