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The mission of Gold Ivy Health Co. is to empower you to own your life. As health coaches and trainers, we want to share what we’re learning, reading, and implementing into our lives in hopes that any piece of information we share can help with your self-discovery and growth. If something we share doesn’t feel true to you, disregard it. Now is the time to step into your power. Take and use information we provide that uplifts you and speaks to what is true to you and the vision of your life.

Shar Moore is a woman that is going to convince you to live boldly. She understands from life experiences, professional roles, and in her personal relationships that when we put ourselves in our most authentic space, we’re untouchable. Trying to

Craig Siegel is a bestselling author, TEDx speaker, coach, podcast host, and is here to inspire you. When the pandemic happened, Craig felt spiritually guided. He left his lucrative and comfortable job on Wall Street and went all-in with his

It’s Mental Health Awareness Month and a beautiful opportunity to talk to a brilliant psychologist about it! Dr. Brittany Mathews is back (also on episode 25) to talk about how transformational mindfulness, meditation, and therapy can be in families. Dr.

Take 5 minutes to write down your 5 top motivators for living your life to the fullest. What comes to mind? We have been taking a lot more risks lately, getting in rooms that stretch us, saying yes to business

When you think of hypnotism, what comes to mind? In the self growth world, we constantly hear about the subconscious and how it is running the show, without us being aware of it. We are thrilled to have Kat Shinoda,

Our guest today finished the Boston Marathon in 2013. That date is significant because it was the day of the Boston Marathon Bombing. It was the date of the terrorist attack that occurred on April 15, 2013, when two bombs

How often do you start a health challenge and finish it to completion? Or have a big goal in mind and you realize you set yourself up for failure? We are constantly challenging ourselves and have realized the importance of

Who is ready for some laughs this April Fool’s Day?! Mss Francois is bringing humor to Ivy Unleashed as she discusses her story of migrating from Trinidad and Tobago and being homeless in her teenage years, to creating a talk

Michelle Grosser is here to help us all trade in overwhelm and exhaustion for peace and joy. As a pastor, attorney, master life coach, mother, and podcast host of The Calm Mom Podcast, Michelle has increased her capacity with the