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The mission of Gold Ivy Health Co. is to empower you to own your life. As health coaches and trainers, we want to share what we’re learning, reading, and implementing into our lives in hopes that any piece of information we share can help with your self-discovery and growth. If something we share doesn’t feel true to you, disregard it. Now is the time to step into your power. Take and use information we provide that uplifts you and speaks to what is true to you and the vision of your life.

Who wants to feel their best? WE DO!! Unfortunately we are exposed to toxins in the air, in food, skincare products, and more. What we like to focus on is what we can actually control. The more we know, the

When you give up alcohol, people get curious about why. “Did something happen?” “Do you have a problem?” But if someone gives up Diet Coke, we completely understand it’s because it’s terrible for your health. Our culture has normalized and

Have you ever been told you’re too emotional or you’re too much? You are not alone. Andrea is brought to tears easily and has been following Highly Sensitive Person Mentor, Alissa Boyer, to help her embrace her sensitivity. Alissa is

We’re back for Season 4 of the Ivy Unleashed Podcast and couldn’t be more excited to deliver you more value. As we enter a new year, it’s always a good idea to check in with how you want to feel,

We celebrate another season and another year through our journey of growth with the season 3 finale! We share our experience at Jen Gottlieb’s powerful “Build Your Brand” event where we found our belonging by being in the rooms with

Jen Gottlieb is back for Part 2! In Part 2, Jen shares insight to her newly released book, BE SEEN, which not only will help you build the confidence necessary to live the life you know you were meant to

Jen Gottlieb is a powerhouse entrepreneur, international speaker, host of the I Dare You Podcast, and co-founder of Super Connector Media. In Part 1, Jen shares her journey from her childhood to manifesting landing a role in the Broadway National

Are you ready to take control of your life with a physical, mental, and spiritual journey? In this episode we share each of our journeys through 75 Hard, which is a transformative mental toughness program. By focusing on your physical

Tracy McCubbin has always referred to herself as “obsessive compulsive delightful,” but who knew she could turn that trait into a booming business? Twelve years and thousands of decluttered homes later, Tracy knew it was time to take what she