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Soothing an Anxious Heart- Cultivating Secure Attachment in Relationships ft. Rikki Cloos

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Author Rikki Cloos has spent years researching Attachment Theory and curating all of the best info and most helpful sources on healing anxious attachment into one approachable, accessible, and enlightening book: The Anxious Hearts Guide.

In this episode you’ll hear the definition of attachment theory, how to identify your own attachment style, and tips in your relationships to help them thrive.

Follow along Rikki’s journey from being a self-diagnosed “trainwreck” to reading and studying countless books as she discusses anxious attachment and how to become more secure, cope with anxious attachment, ways to talk to your avoidant partner, and much more.

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3 Gold Stars

  1. Stop looking at your partner or your potential partner as a project.
  2. Journal. Sit down and write messages to yourself (know your own mind and what you want).
  3. Find yourself a relationship role model and sit down and pick their brain.

Piece of Gold

“There is no perfect partner. What makes a partner right for you is a shared willingness to create a secure relationship. If you both are willing to go all in together, you are ‘perfect’ for each other.”

-Stan Tatkin


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