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Body Image- Changing the Way We Speak & Think About Our Bodies

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How does it feel when someone comments on your body? Do you ever notice how often you do it as well?

What we say about our body and other peoples’ bodies matters.

We recognize that in this body-obsessed culture, it’s tough to challenge the norm but we are encouraging everyone to create awareness around the toxic body comments and make a change. Our value does not depend on how we look.

If we all limit our negative body talk, we can steer conversations with future generations towards more encouraging and fulfilling topics that feel empowering and have nothing to do with how we look. 


Behind-the-Scenes Video

3 Gold Stars

  1. Start noticing how often you greet someone or someone greets you, commenting on their/your body.
  2. Set a health related goal that has nothing to do with your weight (strength train to prevent injury, drink more water for better digestion, sign up for a race to show yourself what you’re capable of).
  3. Decide on a boundary that you could create in a relationship that would protect you and future generations from further body obsession (“I don’t want to talk about weight anymore.” “Please don’t comment on my daughter’s body. It would be better for her self-esteem if we focused on xyz.” “I’m hoping to laugh and smile tonight and talking about our diets doesn’t do it for me. Let’s talk about your day!”).

Piece of Gold

“And I said to my body, softly ‘I want to be your friend.’ It took a long breath and replied ‘I have been waiting my whole life for this.”

Nayyirah Waheed




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We thank you for joining us in the fearless pursuit of self-discovery and growth.

Our hope is that you transform our lessons into your gold.

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