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Sex Worth Wanting- Rewriting Our Internal Script on Intimacy ft. Dr. Jac

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Who’s ready for a deep dive into sex and intimacy?

WE ARE and we found the perfect person to answer all of our juicy questions.

Dr. Jacqueline Sherman aka “Dr. Jac” did not disappoint with endless tips and insight on how to have sex worth wanting. We chatted about how important curiosity and exploration are in a relationship, how much our body image plays in our desires and ability to receive pleasure, what a normal frequency for having sex is, and learned so much more from Dr. Jac.

You’ll leave this episode feeling empowered to start more intimate conversations, build your confidence in the bedroom, and learn ways to remove the shame associated with basic human need: sex.


Behind-the-Scenes Video

3 Gold Stars

  1. Self-reflection- stop and examine your thoughts.
  2. Conversations-talk with friends and with your partner.
  3. Exploration- be open to exploring your body and what you like.

Piece of Gold

“Conversation is liberation when it comes to sex.”

Dr. Jacqueline Sherman


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We thank you for joining us in the fearless pursuit of self-discovery and growth.

Our hope is that you transform our lessons into your gold.

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– Gold Ivy Health Co.

Listen to your truth and go chase your gold.

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