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A Journey of Acceptance, Healing & Disordered Eating- Brooke Pottle’s Story

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Brooke Pottle

Brooke has struggled with Disordered Eating throughout her childhood, during college while she played volleyball, and while being in the military. She has coached volleyball for over 7 years and currently coaches collegiate volleyball in Alaska. Brooke mentors girls through struggles on and off the court and is passionate about challenging the norm.

Find Brooke on Instagram- @bkpottle


Ivy Unleashed was created to inspire people with the real, raw, and vulnerable human experience. This episode is no exception. 

Brooke Pottle shares her beautiful story of developing and healing from her experience with disordered eating that eventually led to an eating disorder. She walks through her experience as a student athlete, in the military, and now as a coach and the lessons she learned along the way. Tune in to hear how Brooke redirected the thoughts she had of herself and the world around her, and where she is now on her journey of acceptance and healing. 

**Disordered eating and exercise behaviors are discussed in this episode. If you feel you could find the content triggering, it may not be the episode for you and we fully support that decision.**

Behind-the-Scenes Video

Brooke’s Healing Tools-

  • Meditation
  • Acupuncture
  • Slowing down
  • Getting outside
  • Journaling
  • Energy work
  • Support
  • Therapy
  • Thought work- understanding that she doesn’t have to believe every thought she thinks

3 Gold Stars

  1. Find time everyday to breathe fresh air. Even just opening the door for 5 minutes a day. 
  2. Speak Up. You matter to people just like people matter to you. 
  3. You have thoughts, you are not your thoughts. 

Ivy Reflections

What about myself am I proud of?

What does/would self-acceptance look like for me?

Who are the top 3 people I can go to during difficult times in my life?

Piece of Gold

Speak up. Even if your voice trembles and your body shakes. Rise up, set your secret free, be the catalyst for your own healing, be who you were always meant to be.

Liz Milani


Connect with a trained volunteer at the National Eating Disorder Association 

  • Text NEDA to 741741
  • Visit
    • Forums on site for: maintaining recovery, siblings of sufferer, children of sufferers, friends in support roles, etc…
    • Tons of educational videos for people in support roles

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We thank you for joining us in the fearless pursuit of self-discovery and growth and hope that you transform our lessons into your gold. 

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Listen to your truth and go chase your gold.

– Gold Ivy Health Co.

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