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Reclaiming Your Self-Worth- Connecting Back to Your Soul ft. Dr. Brenda Brummond

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Dr. Brenda Brummond

Chiropractor, Mindset Coach, Speaker

Have you ever met someone and feel like you’ve known them for decades? That’s how Andrea & Brooke felt about Dr. Brenda Brummond 5 minutes after meeting her. Dr. Brenda is a “Self-Worth Doctor” that helps women “create soul confidence and self-worth in business and life.” After years of practicing as a chiropractor, Dr. Brenda realized she was enjoying coaching her patients more than adjusting them. Tune in to hear her beautiful journey from poverty and bullying to addiction and cheating to deep connection and worthiness. Gold Ivy’s conversation with Dr. Brenda is unlike any conversation they’ve had before.

Tune in to start your journey of deepening the connection to your soul and create more self-worth in your life. 


Behind-the-Scenes Video

Episode Highlights


Dr. Brenda believes that you can’t earn self-worth. There isn’t a degree, a certain car, or boyfriend, number in your bank account or weight on the scale. It’s an internal job and one that took Dr. Brenda years to unpack and reclaim. Her first memory of feeling unworthy was when she was little girl and her parents lost their family farm. Fighting, alcoholism and poverty followed, along with being bullied. From a young age into her adulthood, Dr. Brenda strived for perfection. She hit her rock bottom when she was addicted to pain killers, found out her finance had been cheating on her and she was now a mother to a baby girl.

After years of deep work, Dr. Brenda has made it her life’s purpose to be a mirror of reflection for her clients. She is here to reflect their truth back to them, to help them see that our self-worth is our birth right. She believes that when we step back into own worth and reclaim it, that’s when true enlightenment happens.

Spiritual Awakening

“On a deep level, I feel like my job is to see the soul within each person way beyond anything that our little bodies or little minds fight over.” Dr. Brenda Brummond

Who are you at your soul level? Not you being a wife, a mother, your career… without those labels who are you?

Dr. Brenda explained that we live in a world where you are what you have, what you do, what other people think of you. We are all seeking, searching, striving, and it is so little to do with what we are and with who we bring to every interaction. She argues that we need to tune the world out and tune into something way more beautiful, loving, kind.

She further explained that she has all the humanness and that it is part of the process. But she allows herself to be fueled by the beingness and that is fueled by something beyond her. She allows something greater to come through her. It hasn’t been a quick or easy process, but it has been a process of leaning into that knowing, that intuition and understanding that we have a guide, she tells us. She has learned how to tune in and let it lead her. She states that it’s clear that Brenda doesn’t know everything and she’s grateful she doesn’t have to carry that. She surrenders to a higher power because so many miracles have happened that she knows deep down that there is something more. And that ‘so much more’ is there for you too and loves you and all it takes is your willingness, she believes.

All you have to do is show up. Everything of spirit feels too simple, ego is complex, struggling, straining, striving. Brenda explained that whether to you it’s God, the universe, source, etc. – it’s all just love.  


“No body, no one, nowhere, no time… I am at one with everything.” – Dr. Joe Dispenza

Brenda describes meditation as a space of potential. She explained, “I don’t need to be anyone, play the roles… In this space I don’t need anything – food, water, attention, someone to prove I’m good enough and no one needs me. So then what’s left?”

She further explained that to her meditation feels like being drunk on the divine, vibrating at a frequency that is out of this world. We are fooled by our senses, and science has proven it, she stated. We now have brain scans that prove the positives effects of meditation. Benefits include lowering your blood pressure, rebalancing your endocrine system and more. They have even been able to see EMF fields, measuring the energy field around individual’s bodies before and after they meditate.

Meditating is called a practice for a reason. In today’s society slowing down seems near impossible. When you first begin to meditate, your mind will fight. Brenda recommends using music to help relax yourself and settle in. She also recommends using the free Calm app and following a guided meditation. Listen and follow, she says. There is no right way to do it. You are perfectly being led, it just takes slowing down and being open. Dr. Wayne Dyer recommends asking the question “I wonder what my next thought will be?” and then wait and see what happens.

If you find it challenging to sit still, Dr. Brenda recommends getting some movement in first. Go for a walk and then try. Exercise shakes up our nervous system and it’s a psychosomatic experience that shakes off the ego. Sit still, focus on your breath and let your intuition guide you. Let it take you. You don’t have to do anything. It’s so simple, so powerful. 

3 Gold Stars

  1. Meditate.
  2. Expect miracles. You are the miracle you’ve been looking for. Wake up every day expecting even more miracles.
  3. Move (dance in the morning, go for a quick walk). Movement is like breathing, shifting out that negative energy.

Ivy Reflections

When you think of “self-worth” what comes to mind? On a scale from 1-10 how would you rate your self-worth and why?

What benefits could come from slowing down and taking time daily to quiet the outside noise and turn inward?

Where in your day could you carve out 10 minutes to be still and meditate?

Piece of Gold

Self-worth it’s not something that you earn. It’s something that you reclaim. Go get it and be responsible for that.

Brenda Brummond


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