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Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable- Imperfectly Pursuing Your Dreams

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There’s no growth in the comfort zone.

Jocko Willink

What does building your endurance, confidence, creating a new habit, strengthening relationships, building a business, becoming more intentional with finances, and strengthening your faith all have in common? Getting uncomfortable. When we are learning a new skill or implementing a new training plan or cutting back on spending or becoming more intentional with your relationships, it’s uncomfortable. 

Moving people towards growth is what we do. It’s what we do in coaching, it’s what we do with our podcast, it’s how we live our lives. There’s fulfillment in pushing yourself to a higher level, that ultimately we know we’re capable of. Yes, there is the balance of doing and being and that is important to address but the biggest lesson here is that life can be more rewarding and actually align with the desires we have, the more we push ourselves to chase after those dreams and visions of what we want to embody. Everyone has an inner voice, a longing, a dream, a desire and whether that’s for health, endurance, to become a nicer human, to build or end a relationship, to give back more, whatever it may be, we all have desires that are calling us. And the bottom line is that you cannot shift anything in your life for the better without getting uncomfortable.

Why get uncomfortable? It is THE question. We like to remind ourselves that we will have less regrets if we challenge ourself to learning something that we’ve been feeling insecure about our lack of knowledge in. If we want to help others to live a healthier life on a broad scale, it requires us to be up earlier than we’ve ever been comfortable with and challenge our own comfort level so we can relate to clients. With overcoming those feelings, reducing TV time so that we have more time to read/sleep/build a business is uncomfortable. What’s more comfortable than vegging out on your phone or watching TV in bed? Do either of those things add fulfillment, help us accomplish goals, make us a better human? No. Do we have to cut them out completely? Also, no. It’s been a process of shifting our time and energy towards more fulfilling actions, but we keep doing it because we see and feel the benefits now more than ever.

There’s fear in discomfort. Getting started in anything is the hardest part and a lot of people don’t actually address the fear associated with change or getting uncomfortable. A lot of times, it’s the fear of what we’ll feel. We know meeting new people in a new environment might make us nervous, we’ll feel inadequate fumbling through a new skill, or we’ll face legit heart racing fears to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

MD and psychologist Dr. Oliver Page breaks down the process of getting uncomfortable into 4 zones:

– Comfort Zone- Basic needs are met, feel safe and in control

– Fear Zone- Lack self-confidence, we find excuses, and we are affected by others’ opinions

– Learning Zone- Acquire new skills, deal with challenges and problems

– Growth Zone- Find purpose, realize aspirations, set new goals, and ultimately live out our dreams

“While the fixed mindset keeps us trapped by fear of failure, the growth mindset expands the possible.” – Dr. Oliver Page

We do want to make note that in this process, there are peaks, valleys, and plateaus and a way to avoid the burnout of growth is to retreat to the comfort zone periodically. We do need to let our brains have a break every once in a while to recharge, have some familiar, less challenging moments so that we can not be so burned out. If we want to hear our desires and dreams, we believe we do need to slow down and quiet the noise. 

When you’re feeling uncomfortable- tune into that feeling…

  • This discomfort means that I am growing 
  • This feeling is here to teach me something
  • It’s time to rest

So we ask you, when will you get tired of the same complaints you have about your life? When will you start tackling that thing you know would improve your health, your confidence, your abilities, your peace, your fulfillment? What’s stopping you from getting a little uncomfortable and chasing that dream or idea? You are… you are stopping yourself. If you need help busting through that wall, we are here for you. We’re doing it with you. Let’s get uncomfortable, stay away from the panic, but make some moves towards a more rewarding and aligned life.


What happens when you think about your biggest dream? Do you get uncomfortable? Good. Andrea & Brooke are running headfirst into the conversation about listening to their aspirations and taking action, regardless of the uncomfortable feelings attached. They will discuss their struggles with personal growth and how to protect yourself from boredom and burnout. Gold Ivy feels getting uncomfortable is necessary in order to live an aligned and fulfilling life and after listening to this episode, you just might find the inspiration to imperfectly pursue your lifelong dreams too. 

Behind-The-Scenes Video

Ivy Reflections

  1. What aspiration or dream is constantly begging for your attention?
  2. What uncomfortable feelings arise when you think about chasing that dream? 
  3. What would be the first step to making that goal or process begin?

Piece of Gold

Self-growth is tender;it’s holy ground. There’s no greater investment.

Stephen R. Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People


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For The Love With Jen Hatmaker Podcast on Stitcher

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Listen to your truth and go chase your gold.

– Gold Ivy Health Co.

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