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Ditching Diet Culture- Trusting Your Body

If you’re like us and sick of hearing about fad diets every 5 seconds… keep reading.  Our relationship with food is hard to even put into words and our culture and media affect how we feel about food more than we’ll ever know. It’s scary and powerful and our guest this week has a lot […]

Retraining Your Brain – Creating Strategic Goals

The power of discussing your specific short and long-term goals and writing them down is unbelievable. What do you want for your life? Want to be more organized? Make exercise part of your schedule? Become a better cook? Learn how to meditate? Whatever it is, if you are intentional and clear about what you want […]

Integrating Self-Care – Building an Escape-Free Life

We talk a lot about the self. Yourself. Taking care of yourself, tuning into yourself, making time for yourself. Sometimes we feel guilt or negative, selfish feelings when we make this effort. I don’t know where this narrative comes from and I don’t care. If you want to be in a conversation with someone else, […]

Discovering Your Purpose – Living an Intentional Life

What makes you feel alive? What thrills you? What topics do you get lost talking about? What we decide to listen to matters. Do you want that to be your truth? Or other people’s opinions and expectations? If you want to have a rewarding life, you need to listen to your truth. Only you know […]

Listening to Your Gut – Healing From the Inside Out

How to listen to our bodies to give them what they truly need to thrive, is not something we were ever taught. Pain and symptoms are our body’s way of sending signals that some attention is needed. Our bodies want to feel good. It is our brain’s job to keep us safe and in return, […]

Mastering Your Mind- The Power Within

Mindset and how we talk to ourselves, is the most underrated, least discussed, powerful topic. Nobody teaches you how to have conversations with yourself, how to channel them, or how to change your frame of mind. Whether it’s navigating relationships, facing internal fears, or simply becoming more self-aware, it is important to connect to and […]

Running With Strength- Finding Your Movement

Exercise – a topic you either love or hate to talk about. Either way, it’s important to acknowledge the positive effect it has on our health and wellness. It affects our heart health, mood, energy and ability to keep up with kids. The American Heart Association defines exercise as, “any movement that makes your muscles […]

Maximizing Your Time- Taking Back Control

Time… it’s what everyone complains about, uses as an excuse, gets frustrated when there’s not enough, and gets anxious about. But what if we turned all of that negativity into positivity and possibility? It’s so easy to be a victim of time. The biggest stealer and culprit of stealing time is our phones. So let’s […]

PRESENTING – Gold Ivy Health Co.

The mission of Gold Ivy Health Co. is to empower. As health coaches, and Andrea a personal trainer, we want to share what we’re learning, reading, and implementing into our lives with you in hopes that any piece of information we share, can help with your self-discovery and growth. If something we share doesn’t feel […]