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Getting Spiritual + In Touch with Our Intuition ft. Andrea Harsch

Have you ever talked to someone that has had their heart stop multiple times? Andrea Harsch has experienced the most dramatic health complications and is here to talk about how they have shifted her perspective. As someone who knows how crucial their intuition is for healing and guiding others, Andrea is here to fill us […]

Fads or Facts? Debunking the Latest Wellness Trends

Healthy soda? Garlic up our noses? We caught some laughs as well as a few gasps, hearing the latest wellness trends. Tune in to hear Brooke surprise Andrea with a handful of trends that they’ll discuss. Some trends will shock and maybe even spark some curiosity to try them yourselves! There will be trend talk, […]

An Inside Look at B’s 75 Hard Journey- Was the Transformation Worth It?

After a second attempt at completing the 75 Hard challenge, Brooke successfully made it through all 75 days and is now here to give you an inside look at how it REALLY went. She gives an honest depiction of what worked for her, what worked against her and what wellness habits she plans to continue […]

Speaking Up for Yourself- Having Difficult Conversations ft. Amy Green Smith

This is the relationship and communication episode you’ve been waiting for! Amy Green Smith packed this hour FULL of powerful ways to create vulnerable, safe, and loving conversations with the people you love. As a certified coach and hypnotherapist trained in NLP, Amy knows how to walk us through the neuroscience of self-worth and actions […]

Andrea’s Reflection of her Miscarriage & Revelations of Resiliency

Trigger warning- This episode is the story of Andrea’s miscarriage in 2017 and her grief during and after. It is a very detailed depiction of her experience in the doctor’s office, ultrasound and surgery room, and after. If you are not in the place to hear Andrea’s mindset about pregnancy, her verbiage during the experience […]